Richard House is asking for help after being discriminated against

Find a way to help this couple meet their needs.  Read their story below.

“Ok, so i will try to make this short. Me and my partner were both in a social housing situation, weve been evicted for reason beyond our own, mostly due to discrimination and bias’ as well as conflicts of interests. My Girlfriend is now staying 4 hrs away at a women’s shelter where she has received 149$ for the next month and where she is there is no work to be had and they basically will not do anything to help….

Meanwhile Im staying somewhere that is not my choice paying 700 rent for an 8×10 room in a defunct house that has no hot water. I received 740$ for the month and when i asked for 95$ from the local dssab( local social assistance: the same people who i mentioned at the begining of this, the same people who have put us in this situation) to apply for college so i dont have to be a bum, because that is not who i am, i got told that it is not their problem and is not in their mandate to help with that, yet in policy it says completely different.

i used to work underground as a miner prior to almost being crushed and killed and have a mental break and then this whole situation has been on going and i cannot fix my mental health being here , dealing with these inconsiderate fools as well as worrying about my best friend and the love of my life plus trying to feed myself nevermind any other necesitties and/or being clean ( no running water). I ask for this money with humility as i dont know where else to turn.

I need help and im asking. This money is truly to help us get some bus tickets , get far away from this place and be able to have a roof over our heads without worry for a single month, thats all we need is a short time to be able to get on our feet as we are not bum, addicts, troublemakers we are just two people discriminated against for being different than the rest of the people in this hell we have been in. So please if you can find it in your heart to help i thank you, if not i thank you anyways for caring enough to read this far and i will not judge you.”

Write to Richard:


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