Help Mother of 2-year-old lighten the load of medical cost and put food on table

Here is her story.  Please find a way to help her and her daughter.

“My names joanne.
I’m 29 and I have a 2yr old daughter.
We have never had it easy I’ve made it near impossible to even hit any of my debts from before I have had her and now more then ever it’s affecting us health wise stress wise everything wise.. I know this is a long shot I know I won’t probably receive the miracle I need to be able to even start chipping away at the stress of financial ruin but here it goes I need help.. My daughter needs help we are so much in debt it’s causing us to go downhill fast we just got out of hospital while I was there all I received was calls not checking in on us but people chasing money I just don’t have I have bills pilled a mile high around 20000 worth and that’s just a start.
I know no one would ever help me.
I never received such good fortune I just ruin it continually and in left doing it all alone
So please I’m begging someone so where help me and my daughter lighten the load of medical cost put food back on our table and allow us to be able to live again.. Anything will help right now
Please consider us
Thankyou for even reading this or considering this
And may god bless those who are feeling the pain we are going through

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