Assistance in Covering Cousin’s Burial Services.

Please find a way to assist this family with the burial costs.  Below is the money request.

“Hello, on Feb. 6, 2018, my 19 year old cousin was murdered while trying to protect his older sister. A man that is 15 years older than his sister and 19 years older than my cousin could not deal with their relationship ending. He instead decided to take the life of someone that meant the world to her.

Her little brother died when the horrible man drew his gun.  My little cousin never had a chance to runaway. That coward took his life. Evil never has visited our family before he showed up. Now my aunt is dealing with the unthinkable, burying one of her twins, her only son.
He was a surprise when she delivered his twin sister. He was never seen on any of the ultrasounds and was never expected to make it. The first few months of his life were rough. He was underwreoght severely, unable to feed normally and virtually uncomfortable for months. His twins sister was healthy and nearly 7.5lbs. But his spirit never showed signs of weakness. He ultimately grew to be a strong, peaceful and extremely quiet (introverted) family protector.
We are looking for donations to cover the burial of this young hero. We have started a gofundme page, for KeShawn Alexander Burial. Please donate –
Life is but a beautiful gift that should be cherished. Sharing your life with those you care for allows that precious gift to be even more meaningful and invaluable. KeShawn Alexander lived his life in that very manner. He was a perfect example of a strong dutiful young man. Being the only male child living with two sisters, one being his fraternal twin, never seemed to change his peaceful demeanor. He was caring, thoughtful, extremely loving and dependable. He had a sweet and quiet demeanor that brought comfort and peace to everyone he shared his time with.

Often times he would be found mentoring and looking after his nephew and younger cousins. Always patient and loving with them. It is his sense of dedication to his family that ultimately cost him his life. God gave us 19 memorable years with this beautiful young man. His last selfless act, being his older sister’s protector will always be remembered. This time is life-changing for our family and all those who knew and loved KeShawn. We humbly ask for assistance in covering his burial services.

We thank you for giving.”