Help Jarred get out of this toxic relationship.

Here is Jarred’s story:


I am 19 years old. When I was 1 year old, my parents split up. My mother has had 3 miscarriages in her life and 3 beautiful kids. My Sister Annabelle, previously Callum, Sophie, whom has a daughter aged 3 almost, and, me the youngest.

Without too much gratuitous detail, my girlfriend has been put in sexual situations by the men in her life supposed to protect her, both friends and family, and coming from an already broken home with no father, being forced into a home with her stepfather whom abused and raped her, has not made her life any easier. As she tried to escape, she got in to an even worse scenario with her ex partner, involving further sexual violence. She was a struggling benzodiazepine addict and was doing well at getting off of them, however we had a child and had to give her up as I was not financially stable at the time, still am not. She works outside of a baby store for the love of god, it’s actual torture and she can’t just quit her job, as she has no funds otherwise.

My father has been struggling with alcohol addiction for the past 30 years. It has been a terrible drag on my mother whom has kept him around for the sake of him being our father, however his drunker rants are not appreciated. As a mother the roll should be to protect your offspring, her words were “We knew Zac was casually violent with Jared.” (Zac is the father of my Sister Sophie’s baby, the baby was concieved well after I was choked infront of my siblings by him and they both stood there and watched). In the current house I am living in, it used to be me and my Sister Annabelle and my mum, but my father broke his leg and has moved in and pushed my mother out with his drunkenness and taken over the tenancy.

I won’t go too into the bullying because it’s touchy, someone has tried to drown me before, not to mention the “Jared touch”

So I am stuck in a vicious cycle never knowing what’s going to happen and having no security at all, due to a back injury I got 2 years ago. I am only 19 and I have been in pain for almost 2 years now, and it’s almost unbareable sometimes. I am on an government benefit however it is not enough to cover the board that I have to pay to my father weekly, which he is getting quite annoyed about.

I wish to be able to afford to feed my girlfriend and I nice meals, I like being in the kitchen. I like making a good oreo cheesecake.

I wish to be able to afford a moped so that I am able to take her out into the sunsets.

I wish to be able to afford to get away from my toxic family situation

Please and thank you, anything and all will be greatly appreciated.”