Hungry Mother of 4 Lost her Business, now has to leave bread for children to eat

Please find a way to help this mother who goes hungry so she can feed her 4 children.

“I am sorry to ask for money…
If it was not for my four children, I would not done this…
This is my story.
I started my business almost four years ago. The business did good. And people start asking for jobs. I gave four people jobs and started loosing money while training them. I thought I was helping.
Last year when I realize, not everybody wants to work hard, I had to let them go.
But then I already lost a lot of money and had to start catching up.
I could not.
No, I have no money, no car, need to move out end of the month and no food.
I managed to do three deals in the meantime, but still waiting on the money. I can not work without a car, with out a phone and everything is just piling up.
I am hungry as I am typing this. I leave the bread for my children to eat.
I need a hand to help me for a couple of months until I start getting my commission.
Thank you for reading my story.
My paypal account email is