Daniel Nicholson’s Struggling Family needs your assistance in the time of Coronavirus /COVID-19

Please give him a hand.

Here is his story:

Hello to the Reader of this post…I sincerely DO hope that You and Your Loved Ones are in good health and happiness… especially during this time that this terrible virus is claiming so many lives!!!
My name is Daniel Nicholson…I am in desperate need of help and out of absolute pure need,and the fact that I have completely exhausted every other resource, have turned to asking Anyone who is willing to read this post!
I live in a small town in South Africa called George,in the beautiful Garden Route…Sadly,with My country in a ‘lockdown’ phase,My Family and I are suffering…badly!!! We may not even go into the forests & nature hikes to escape the stress and worry of the plight we are facing!!!
After almost 10months of huge financial struggling,I finally found a good job, and the promise of a good salary(enough to take care of my Family’s needs,wants & desires)…and…1 week into my first month, this Corona virus,and subsequent lockdown, has put everything on hold… including the promised salary!  I started working for the company with absolutely zero balances on every financial level, and now…2weeks later…I have reached desperation point!
Dear Reader…I have no money to pay for my family to even eat!!!
I am not asking to become rich,or for You to pay me thousands… however… ANY donations (even just ONE Rand, Dollar,Pound,Yen, or any currency that You have) will help me put food in My little 9year olds tummy, nourishment and good health into Our lives?
It has gotten so bad that I have been forced to shoplift a loaf of bread here,a tin of sardines there and because I’m NOT a Person with any sort of criminalistic thoughts or intentions (I’m a pretty terrible thief) I have on many many occasions barely escaped being caught and have had to face my hungry Son’s face and ask Him to be brave for just one night and fill our tummies with water until morning when shops are open again!
I am writing this post in absolute truth and open honesty, hoping that ANYONE who may stumble across it…that YOU,Dear Reader!… might be in a position to help me with financial aid…and ALL I am asking for is money to buy food, even just enough for ONE good,healthy meal!!!
If You would like to contact me to find out more about Us,or to even know just make sure that this post isn’t a random generated ‘Cyber-Bot’ or some other form of scam…here are my contact details:
Cellular number: (+27)796744552
WhatsApp number: Same as above.
I pray that You, nor anybody You know,not be in a similar situation!!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated in a way that is so badly needed,that there are no words to describe to You how thankful I am… even that You have read my post this far!!!
Bless You… Everyone who sees my post…and hopefully reacts to it…
May You go well forward into each new moment as it comes…and may each exhalation bring peace and calm to You!!!
Thank You
Daniel, Danica & Axel Nicholson”

Cape Town Mom, South Africa, Needs your help

Here is her message to you.  Please contact her if you can help her.

“I am a single mother from Cape Town who’s struggling to get back on her feet. I’ve been unemployed for the past two years, and because of this, I lost the roof over our heads about a year ago. My children and I are not living together at the moment, they’ve been living with relatives the past year. That’s been the hardest part of all of this for me. Breaks my heart. I desperately want us to be together again. They need that and so do I. I’ve been struggling to find work and I have been unable to provide for my children. Something I’ve always been able to do in the past. I’ve reached such a level of utter desperation that I am resorting to asking for financial assistance via this platform. It’s not easy for me to do, and I feel s0 ashamed. I started working recently, but it’s a sales job and it’s commission based only. So no lm not earning a salary, and it will be a while before I see any income from it. At the moment, it’s challenging to get to and from work every day as I don’t even have money to commute. My main objective right now is to find a home for myself and my children, and to be able to put food on the table. So, I am humbly asking for help. Any donation, no matter how small, will help me achieve that. If you want more information and details or proof that I am truthful, please feel free to email me and I will gladly give you all the necessary information. My pay pal email is capetownmomneedshelp@gmail.com

Please help me reunite with my children.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Heartwarming Story of Grief, Love, and Hardship: A Plane Ticket from Italy to South Africa May Change Things

If you have never helped somebody, this story will make you reach out to a fellow human being this time.  Postabeg2beg editors feel you are going to enjoy this request.

“Good day,

My name is Nicky Human. I’m sending this to try to help my mother.

My mom is 43 years old. My dad passed almost 2 years ago, due to cancer. My mom had to work 3 jobs just to try to pay for the medical expenses; they did not have a medical aid. When my dad passed away, my mom lost it. She had my dad in her life for almost 20 years. He was her everything. The 2 years before he passed away, my mom’s health went down hill; the worries of coming home and finding my dad not there anymore killed her. He had to stay at home alone during his sickbed. They could not afford a nurse. Then months after my dad passed away, my mom befriended a wonderful man. He was there for her in her darkest hours, times when I could not help her. He made her whole again, my mom tried the unthinkable more than once. But he helped and supported her emotionally.

My mom tried to get back on her feet, but then, it was back to the dark hole again. She lost everything trying to pay for her expenses.  Eventually I had to go fetch her. She had nothing left to sell. Anyway, the man eventually got so close to my mom. He literally carried her emotionally. He and my mom tried to get him to come to South Africa so many times but they just could not raise enough money.  As a contract worker he worked in another country, so he can not even return home. His accommodation was paid in full until a couple of days ago. So what we are begging from you is to please consider helping her with a plane ticket for him to come visit my mom.

Since my dad passed away, my mom got back in her shell. She’s crying all the time, then the man brought love to her life. But the crying never stopped, now she is crying over the man that saved her life. Please, I’m begging you to help her with a ticket, she is not a scammer, she is a real person, so deeply in love, My mom is just a normal woman that had so much heartache in her life. Please I wanna see my mom happy and smiling again.

My baby is on the way, she is trying to look happy, but underneath my mom is broken Please I don’t wanna lose my mom too. Her heart is broken cause they can not manage a way to get him her. The longer he stays there the more the expenses it gets. All I’m asking is for a plane ticket from Italy to South Africa. She is willing to pay the ticket back monthly with my help. She is not earning much, then with her expenses so the installment will not be much. I’m asking your company to help them find each other, please!!!

Thank you for reading her story.

Kind regards,


Her number is +27813699350
My number is +27812638624
Her email is humanyolande@gmail.com
My email is nixlewis97@gmail.com